Reef Experience day tour on the Great Barrier Reef

Cairns only all inclusive Great Barrier Reef Day Tour – $185

The best Great Barrier Reef day tour in Cairns – Snorkelers and Scuba Divers travel together on this all inclusive day tour to the beautiful outer Great Barrier Reefs. There are lots of different Great Barrier Reef day tours in Cairns, …so what makes this one the reef trip with a difference? Aside from visiting two of the best Outer Barrier Reef dive and snorkel locations, we believe it’s in our crew!

Think about the trips you’ve taken, the tours you’ve done, the activities you’ve gone along on. What makes your memories stand out? – It’s usually the people! Whether it was a tour guide who made you laugh or someone who gave you the confidence to try new things, people make or break these special moments.

See the Great Barrier Reef

So if the Great Barrier Reef is on your ‘to do’ list, then we guarantee we will capture your heart forever – because the Great Barrier Reef IS our passion.

We pick the best spots daily so you can see the Great Barrier Reef at its best. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions and give you a informative glass-bottom boat tour. To Learn why ‘R-Ex is BEST!’ see ‘What’s Included‘ and ‘Why Choose Reef Experience‘…

Reef Experience

The Coral Reef has a voice of its own… It has a heart, a mind and a vibrant pulse that draws the admiration of all who behold its natural beauty. Did you know that some reef fish can change colour depending on their mood, the temperature or the environment? Want us to show you? Blue-Green Damsel Fish can be found in in large schools over thickets of colourful branching coral. Float along beside them and you will see the changing hues of aqua, turquoise, sky blue and even yellow in a nesting male!

Best Crew in Cairns

Let us show you our passion!How many people do you know that would go to work on their day off?? Well we do …just recently twelve of the Reef Experience team had the day off and how do you think they spent it? ‘Watching tele?’ ‘Shopping?’ ‘With the family?’ – almost – they went to the Great Barrier Reef! And if that doesn’t speak for itself, the coral reef will…

Snorkelling and Diving on the Reef

Snorkeling and Diving in CairnsPlay with turtles, swim with sharks, find nemo and cruise the coral… Can you even imagine giving the ‘peace’ sign with your fingers to a wild cuttlefish and seeing it mimic it right back at you with extended tentacles? Cuttlefish and the closely related octopus are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. And that’s just the beginning! The Great Barrier Reef is a world like no other …More

Is the Great Barrier Reef on your list of things to do in Australia?!

Why stay in a land-based hotel and miss the amazing opportunity of spending some quality time there! For around the same price you’d pay for food and accommodation on land, treat yourself with one of our amazing value liveaboard tours aboard the floating hotel, Reef Encounter.

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Reef Encounter liveaboard in Cairns