Queensland, Australia, has some of the world’s strictest scuba diving rules and the safest scuba diving record. We have a passion for showing you Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, so please make sure you understand the scuba diving laws.  The Queensland Government Code of Practice regulates us, and we comply with all rules, including medical as is the law.

To avoid disappointment on your day of travel, we strongly recommend that all of our passengers complete our medical questionnaire before booking as some medical conditions, age and/or medications may prevent you from scuba diving.

Your safety is our absolute concern. If diving on the day is very important to you, and you are taking any medication, or have any past or present medical conditions, please bring a Letter from your Doctor stating you are Fit To Scuba Dive to avoid any disappointments. Please note, our crew are trained professionals, and it is up to their sole discretion who they take diving and/or snorkelling. No refunds would apply should you be refused to scuba dive due to a medical condition.

Age restrictions will also apply to any diver training courses.

Complete the ‘CAN I GO DIVING’ questionnaire to see if you are eligible to Scuba Dive on our tour according to Queensland, Australia regulations.

Are you a certified Diver?

Certified Divers will be asked to provide proof of their qualification in the form of a divers license or divers logbook to the Dive Instructor on the day.

For any questions or assistance with lost cards, please contact our office and we will endeavour to verify your diver rating prior to your tour.

We reserve the right to refuse a Certified Dive to anyone who can not prove their certification. In this instance, you may dive as a Resort Diver if medically fit to do so.

What if a medical check-up with a doctor is deemed necessary?

Option A)   Medical Check-Up with your own Doctor

If required, the medical assessment may be conducted by any licenced Physician (i.e. your own licenced doctor). You will need to provide us with a medical certificate stating you are medically fit to dive provided in English, preferably by a medical practitioner with experience in diving medicine, within 90 days prior to the commencement of training.

We strongly recommend that you use a medical centre that specifically caters to scuba diving examinations unless your doctor is fully versed with the practices involved in scuba diving.

Option B)   Medical Check-Up in Cairns

If you would prefer then you may book to have your scuba diving examination in Cairns, prior to your reef tour.

Please note that medical examinations are conducted by doctors at your own expense. The dive centre has no control over the results – if the doctor deems that you are not fit to dive then this decision is final and you will not be permitted to participate in scuba diving during your reef tour – however, snorkelling is a great alternative.

Medical Centres in Cairns, specialising in Scuba Dive examinations

Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre

Corner of Florence and Grafton Streets, Cairns Phone: +61 (7) 4052 1119 Email: [email protected]

Travel Insurance recommendation

We strongly recommend passengers have their own travel insurance that covers for trip cancellations, all in-water activities and medical evacuations. Those wishing to scuba dive are also advised to ensure their insurance covers scuba diving activities.

Flying and Scuba Diving

Please remember you need to allow 24 hours after scuba diving before flying or travelling to altitude. You can fly then dive,

but not dive then fly. For those travelling on a Reef & Helicopter day trip, the tour is designed with a low flying helicopter to ensure that you can scuba dive and then fly with this tour package.

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Refund & Cancellation fees are as follows:

20% cancellation fee 30 days or more prior to departure

50% cancellation fee if within 30 days prior to departure

100% cancellation fee within 14 days prior to departure

There will be no refund of any part of your tour costs should you fail to arrive at a scheduled tour departure time. Tour departures may not be delayed due to passenger circumstances – including events beyond your control, medical problems, airline delays, weather etc.

All passengers are strongly advised to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that includes trip cancellation insurance, evacuation and medical cover. Please read the wording of your insurance policy carefully and ensure it covers you for all potential activities

Please refer to the Trade Practices Act 1974.

  • Locations, prices and itinerary are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances without notice
  • We require a minimum of 48 hours notice to re-schedule a reservation.
  • Travel and dive insurance are highly recommended.

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